Our Process


Our Approach

A hallmark of our exemplary service and caring is the significant amount of time that we spend with you in getting to know you and your circumstances, even BEFORE you ever become a client, and BEFORE we establish a relationship.

We want to make sure that - from both YOUR perspective and from OURS - that this is likely to be a "GREAT fit" relationship that lasts for a long time.

Here's what we do to make that happen:

When you call our offices to set up an appointment; you'll be asked a few preliminary questions about what you're looking for.  If it seems like there is a good fit, we'll set up the first of what generally turns out to be 2 or 3 meetings, none of which we charge for.

The first meeting is simply a "meet and greet", where we visit in person to see if there is a match between the kinds of services and relationship you're looking for and what we provide, both from a competency standpoint and a "style" standpoint.  We'll tell you about how we work, what we do, who our clients are, how we get paid, etc.  There is no one right style of relationship or method to manage investments; there's just the way we do it and the way you want it done.  Do we have common ground?  If we both agree, then we proceed to do an intake; either at that meeting, or at a future meeting.

We'll ask you to bring your statements and documents in for review, and we'll ask you a lot of questions that will help us to understand in more detail about your circumstances and what you're trying to accomplish.

The next meeting is for us to present our ideas and recommendations to you as to how we might set up a financial advisory relationship.  This is where we cover the specifics of the potential asset allocation, specific investments we would use, the costs, how often we would meet, etc.

After that meeting, you should have a very good idea - as should we - of exactly how we might work together.  Together we make the decision at that time, of how to proceed.

If there's a deadline to meet, we'll try our best to accomodate that, of course, and can get the job done very quickly, if need be.

The majority of our clients, and potential clients, though, tell us that they are astounded at how much time we spend, and how much we ask, before ever signing on with us.  We're pleased to hear that, and proud.  We feel that  that is the amount of time it takes, to listen, establish a solid foundation, and make recommendations that are based on solid Financial Planning principles  that are in your very best interests.

It is our pleasure to serve you!