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When can you afford to retire? How much should you withdraw each year from your retirement savings? How do you manage your assets in retirement?

With over 35 years of retirement planning experience, we can provide you with powerful, yet simple answers to your concerns. We help our clients create financial plans that work uniquely for them, and update plans as necessary, as goals and circumstances change.

You want to enjoy life, not wrestle with financial matters. The good news is that retirement planning doesn't have to be a burden - it can even be fun! The right plan can help you retire with more confidence. A good first step is speaking to a professional who recognizes the financial issues that may impact you. We're happy to share our knowledge.

Storm Fischer Investment Group shows retiring professionals how to use appropriate investment vehicles so they may reduce taxes, preserve and increase wealth, and develop income streams. Together, we can plan for both the accumulation and preservation of assets. (After all, what good is accumulating wealth if you're worried about outliving it?)

In the financial world, nearly everybody offers the same products, but not everybody asks the right questions - questions about the kind of retirement you want, and the kind of life that you want to live. We do ask those questions. In fact, we base our financial planning around those answers - answers unique to your life. We invite you to call or e-mail us today - we would love to help you plan to get what you want out of life.