Our Value

You only get one chance to retire. A solid strategy can help you leave work, schedule income withdrawals, and configure your portfolio with more tax efficiency. We would like to perform the "hard work" for you so you can leave work and stay retired in a good frame of mind.

Most professionals don't have the time or inclination to tackle retirement planning on their own. That's where we come in. Storm Fischer Investment Group can offer you candid, objective and professional financial consulting, and craft a strategy intended to help you sustain your financial well-being.

When the money you've saved for retirement is carefully invested, you can create income streams and position your assets to grow and keep up with inflation. We'll do the numbers before we invest the money, so that we are clear about what to do and why it should be done. That way, you know what you own in your portfolio and more importantly, WHY you own it.

Organization is key. When you retire with your financial life organized, you can free your mind to enjoy the things that really matter - your family and friends, the things that inspire you, the pursuits you are passionate about.

You may be wondering what degree of retirement planning you can accomplish in the next few months or years. Or perhaps you don't want to formally retire, rather you just want to work less and enjoy more free time. Well, now is the time to determine your retirement transition plan - and we are ready to look at the variables and possibilities and help you plan to make the transition smoothly.